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New Horizons Software - About us


New Horizons Software, Inc. (NHSI) was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1994. Our headquarters is located at 660 Suffolk Street, Lowell, Massachusetts. NHSI is an international company providing information technology products, services and software professionals to government and commercial clients throughout the US and the world. NHSI has experienced significant growth in both revenue and profits throughout the company’s history. NHSI provides a broad range of products and services including software contract resources, Desktop/LAN/WAN maintenance and support, WEB based testing and fixed price projects. Our current testing products on the market include and

What is Unique about NHSI?

Our attention to every detail ensures quality and satisfaction to our clients, and our honest and open business relationship with our partners and clients is the reason for such rapid growth. Our dealings are not restricted to any particular region or nation. We look at the entire world as our market. Our focus, therefore, is firmly fixed on providing services that are nothing short of world class.

Our recruiting standards are by far the highest in the industry and we have established norms, which our competitors enviously look up to. To this end, not relying on the typical vanilla flavor recruiting process we developed our own testing tool SWcaliber to screen potential candidates. SWcaliber, an on-line technical testing and pre-employment screening tool, is designed to assess the proficiency and skills of IT candidates. It also determines the training and self- assessment needs of IT professionals.

NHSI has a large pool of consultants based in the US, New Zealand, Australia, India, Russia and other parts of the world who are fully prepared to provide our clients with the most optimal, cost effective, quality I.T./business solutions. Our established software development center in India is seamlessly integrated to our facilities in the USA, New Zealand and Russia. We have the wherewithal to help our clients, and offer them solutions 24/7 by tapping our resources worldwide through web based strategic consulting and interactive development.

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